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Fall whispers “Remember how I brought you to today?”

Yesterday was a late summer day that smelled like fall with light that draped itself around the garden like velvet, the sun whispering it’s most beautiful song almost as if to cement her memory on the planet before she rests … Continue reading

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Emotional health and the outdoors: Words not necessary

Today the snow was packed underfoot and when we set out the sky was cloudy, but by the time we began to huff and puff our way up the hill, the sun was out. The air had that moist winter … Continue reading

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Nothing extraordinary…just waves galloping over ice and a bit of time travel

I watched waves gallop over the ice at Mills Lake on a late fall hike in Rocky Mountain National Park Friday. I listened to the wind, like giants rolling in the sky, moving so quickly that when I stood up … Continue reading

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Morning in the mountains

Observing morning’s arrival while in the mountains is holy, and I’m fairly certain I’ve never used the word ‘holy’ in my writing unless it was ‘holy shit.’ But waking and watching, and listening to morning arrive in the mountains is … Continue reading

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Imperfect perfection on the ski slope

I am not the best skier. Sometimes I sing some silly verse over and over in my mind just to stay calm when I’m slipping across ice or other challenging terrain. I don’t carve beautiful ‘s’ turns or fly down … Continue reading

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Spring in winter

About five years ago, I lost my home in New Hampshire. I think I have spent the years since trying to fill that void of sadness, and hence find home again. A spring day in winter illuminates some of the … Continue reading

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The moments just before dark

Personally I like the end of the day best. Those hours when the sun is beginning to think about taking a rest, but some of her brightness remains. The clouds are soft and tinged with rose hues or perhaps even … Continue reading

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Traversing the Presidentials

Madison Hut The next thing I knew, the room was dark. I opened my eyes, a bit disoriented and it was then I saw the most extraordinary sky I’ve seen since my trip to Havasu Canyon three years ago. The … Continue reading

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Traversing the Presidentials, August 2009

Struggling on day one I hadn’t hiked for over two years with a 25 pound pack, so I knew it would take awhile for me to fall into a groove. We set off on the first day of our four … Continue reading

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Climbing gives me life – Mt. Adams

The sky in the distance was lined with a deep pink, almost red, barely visible through the trees. The air was rich with that special fragrance between winter and the promise of spring any day now; breathing hope and new … Continue reading

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