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“Wilderness. The word itself is music.” ~ Edward Abbey

  REI’s #OptOutside campaign is brilliant. It’s brilliant because regardless of how individuals ultimately decide to spend Black Friday, it aims a spotlight on the value of the natural world to our well-being, both personally and as a collective. It’s brilliant because it’s authentic. I … Continue reading

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Why I ride

I bought my first bike, a Trek mountain bike, almost 15 years ago and took that baby across muddy New Hampshire trails and happily splashed through puddles and dodged rocks and tree roots on mostly flat trails sheltered by lush … Continue reading

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My greatest journey

written May 5, 2010 Leaving before the sun comes up brings a certain delight: you get to be awake and present when the sun rises. The rising of the sun at the precise moment you are leaving to begin what … Continue reading

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This is the year they bloom – Reflections on a garden

I have two lilac bushes on the south side of my house. I used to have three, but one of them suffered from some disease and died. I tore that one up by hand, breaking the deadwood quite easily. When … Continue reading

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Working hard, playing hard in the South

Last night I had grits, a spinach and crawfish dip and a drink (okay, drinks) made with sweet tea vodka, called an “Arnold Palmer” in an open-air café near downtown Charlotte. The laughter of our group was loud and rowdy; … Continue reading

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Climbing gives me life – Mt. Adams

The sky in the distance was lined with a deep pink, almost red, barely visible through the trees. The air was rich with that special fragrance between winter and the promise of spring any day now; breathing hope and new … Continue reading

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