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Permission to Leap© programs: Helping others discover their creative magic

For business teams and individuals: If you are ready to invest in clarifying your dream, learning to give yourself permission to move towards your inner desire and develop a plan to leap so you can be HEARD, this is for you.

The Permission to Leap creative process program includes your own Fairy Godmother (and who doesn’t need that?). Program offerings are perfect for individuals and businesses who are ready to invest in diving into their creative process so they can be HEARD. Programs revolve around the following so that you can uncover and tell your own story:

  • Workshops (virtual) to help you uncover and give voice to that dream you once had but put aside when life got in the way.
  • Permission to Leap workbook (estimated completion: 2/16).
  • Exercises that help you get in touch with and settle that heartburn-like feeling that keeps you awake at night, the one that shouts “you aren’t being authentic!”
  • Developing your vision so that you identify and reacquaint yourself with the dream you once had and learn to reignite those embers.
  • Understanding your personal barriers so that you can devise your own plan for blasting through them.
  • Creation of a personal step-by-step action plan that enables you to gain momentum and keep going even when you lack confidence!
  • A conversation with your inner demons so that they begin to work FOR you and not against you.
  • Work out your heart: Lift weights emotionally to strengthen that personal power you already possess.
  • Learn techniques that will keep you focused on giving yourself permission to write your own life book.
  • A community to support you, to share and to offer support to, all who are also giving birth to their yearning dream.                         

Upcoming Gigs and Live Workshops: Events in Boulder, Denver, Boston and more





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  1. Robin,
    Please send me more details on the writing workshop with Pam Houston. I’m intrigued.

    Laura Saffioti

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