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Just look over your shoulder

The hardest part of being a mother is learning to let go of fear. And yet, for us to raise healthy, spiritually wise children, letting go is critical. Continue reading

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The moments just before dark

Personally I like the end of the day best. Those hours when the sun is beginning to think about taking a rest, but some of her brightness remains. The clouds are soft and tinged with rose hues or perhaps even … Continue reading

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Nature and the engagement of the senses

The second I hear the crunch of ground underneath my Keen’s, I remember. The sweat running down my neck, even the burning in my eyes from sunscreen runoff are not unpleasant sensations. The heat of the sun on my scalp … Continue reading

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Timidly looking for new girlfriends

I remember a summer night similar to this one many years ago. I was sipping a glass of wine in my NH condo watching as women from other condo’s greeted one another and then visited on their patios. Laughter, comfort, … Continue reading

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Summer rain

Summer rain can bring a feeling of relief. The sun stops prodding you to go forth and conquer the great outdoors and hike, bike, walk, barbeque, or be a part of some sort of gathering. And the smell of summer … Continue reading

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Note from Boulder

It’s just after 6:30 a.m. and last night’s thunderstorms have left the air brisk and cool. Inhaling has never felt so good, each breath filling my soul with a little more positive energy. I am on my deck, off the … Continue reading

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