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Rotator cuff tears and the life that is uncovered

When you hear that you are going to need

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It’s not good-bye, it’s hello

Every time I open a drawer or cabinet; I find another piece of myself waiting in surprise. I am amazed at how the moments of my life are scattered throughout my house. Whenever I walk downstairs to do laundry, I’ve … Continue reading

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A different kind of Thanksgiving

I grew up with chaotic and crazy Thanksgivings. The ads you see on television with tables perfectly set, everyone dressed in elegant clothing and a seat for everyone? This was not my Thanksgiving. No, my Thanksgiving involved seating for everyone anywhere in my Grandmother’s house that didn’t have a bed or a toilet in the room, too many people, arguments over who got the leg….and I mean full-fledged arguments, and mismatched, everyday plating. I sat in the ‘kid’s room’ until I was well over 18, and though I feigned disdain, Continue reading

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Traversing the Presidentials

Madison Hut The next thing I knew, the room was dark. I opened my eyes, a bit disoriented and it was then I saw the most extraordinary sky I’ve seen since my trip to Havasu Canyon three years ago. The … Continue reading

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Traversing the Presidentials, August 2009

Struggling on day one I hadn’t hiked for over two years with a 25 pound pack, so I knew it would take awhile for me to fall into a groove. We set off on the first day of our four … Continue reading

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Time traveling in Colorado

Yesterday I saw my brother running on top of a snowfield in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, northwest of Boulder. His smile was broad and his towheaded little body was made up of awkward angles, a trademark of many young boys … Continue reading

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Dreaming in Boulder

It is that quiet time in the morning, those moments when people begin to rise, sip a cup of coffee and hesitate before plunging into their day. I am sitting on my tiny deck at Chautauqua in Boulder, Colorado and … Continue reading

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This is Boulder

So how is it possible that the weather can be so wet, so cold, and dreary, and yet my heart continues to swell with positive emotion? At first, when I woke today to the sound of rain beating down on … Continue reading

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Bright and dark

The sun is shining, I see no hint of a cloud, and the air is that brisk, brilliant sharp air that energizes and makes one long for a fire and fleece cozy slippers. I can spy the very edge of … Continue reading

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Dew on the lawn, change in the air

When I woke up today, there was dew on the lawn and when I looked out my bedroom window, I spied two signs that the seasons were indeed well on their way to shifting. My burning bush is tinged with red and those treasured daisies had finally burst, abandoning their weed-like status and blooming with delicate sweetness. Fall in New England, ready or not, is on its way.
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